Beth Oast Williams


A Bit About Beth

Beth Oast Williams is a student with The Muse Writers Center

in Norfolk, Virginia. Her workshop experience includes

Bread Loaf and VQR Writers Conferences and The Fine Arts Work Center. Her work has been nominated twice for the Pushcart Prize.

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Poems Available Online



"In Search Of A Container For Jesus" and "A Hole In The Poem", Amethyst Review

"Gravity Gone, And I Should Have Sounded An Alarm", Channel Magazine

"The Storm", The Adirondack Review

"Covers", Pensive: a Global Journal of Spirituality and the Arts

"My Sister Thinks Every Butterfly Is Her Dead Husband", New York Quarterly's Without A Doubt: Poems Illustrating Faith, August 2021

"These Stars, Now Your Mother's Eyes" and "Whelks Are Most Often Mistaken For Conchs", Texas Review Press The Southern Poetry Anthology, Vol. IX, Virginia, Fall, 2022

"Childhood Memories Thrown In A Jar", Sweet Tree Review

"Formation", "Fly, Pictarnie", and "Mary Sue Arranges Things", Orchards Poetry Journal

"Mom Self-Distances By Writing Poems In The Grass", Gyroscope

"Self Portrait With Open Palms And Ice Cubes", Hawaii Pacific Review

"I Knew Better Than To Say", Rattle's Poets Respond

"His Kiss Was Like The Car Door Closing On My Thumb"Fjords Review

"Just Beneath the Surface", The Annapolis Spy

"Eve's Garden" and "Kickball", GASHER Journal

"Searching Elegies", Into the Void

"Watch the Sky" and "Simple Sugar", The Sunlight Press

"On Finding a Spoon in My Lover's Pants Pocket", Burningword Literary Journal

"Here's a Goody Bag, Now Get Lost", "Making Eye Contact", "Mother's Death is Hard to Swallow", "Not seeing your face", and "The End of the Rope", Willard and Maple

"Gate 6", The Bookends Review

"The Annual Under-Winter Assault", The Coachella Review blog

"Eating Laurices", West Texas Literary Review

"Buried Treasure", Mothers Alway Write

"For the Gone Mother" and "Big Bosomed River", Soft Cartel


Poems Available in Print

"We ask wedding guests to wear flats", North Dakota Quarterly

"Sadness Knows When A Tone Is Overused", Main Street Rag

"The Hum is Enough", Poetry South

"Heiligenschein"  Anglican Theological Review

Elizabeth River Rising" and "To the Sheep", Crab Creek Review

"Paper Streets", Red Earth Review

"Just Beneath the Surface", Delmarva Review

"Rekindle", Plainsongs

"Dirty Laundry", Wisconsin Review

"The Burning", Glass Mountain

"I Thought We Were Cooking Soul Food", Mslexia

"While Puerto Rico Cries", SHANTIH Journal


"Drink in the Morning", Lou Lit 



Palette Poetry's 2020 Sappho Prize for Women Poets - long listed 

"Second Grade Mistake", second prize, Poetry Matters Project, May, 2019

Semifinalist, Poet's Billow 2018 Atlantis Award

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